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Planting A Tree Makes You Financially Focused

| April 25, 2019
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Arbor Day was established In 1872 by Detroit Pioneer J Sterling Morton who migrated to Nebraska with his wife and love for nature. When the State Board of Agriculture embraced the proposal by Morton to enact Arbor Day, it was estimated that over one million trees were planted on the first official commemoration.

School children of every grade participated in planting trees. Clubs, groups, and individuals all across Nebraska embraced the opportunity to cultivate the very landscape they were a part of. It was such a huge success that the day culminated with a massive parade worthy of a city winning a major sports championship. Soon after other states recognized the holiday and today we celebrate Arbor Day nationally. 

There is a strong correlation between planting a tree and the process of managing your financial well-being. When Arbor Day was launched, the school children across Nebraska labeled their saplings, indicating their grade and the date they planted them. That entire year they would note when they watered the trees, fertilized the ground beneath it, shored up it’s trunk from strong winds, and protected it from impending storms until it was strong enough to grow on it’s own. And as the years went on the children would take trips to check in on their tree, tending where needed but more amazed at it’s rapid growth and enormous strength. And today as adults, those children who have families of their own, visit their tree to share in it’s glory, take pride in what they've accomplished, and pass on the lessons of their legacy.

Planting a tree is a wonderful comparison to cultivating a financial plan. Prepare the ground you live on by budgeting and investing wisely. Protect your assets from impending storms with a comprehensive insurance plan that is suitable for your goals.  Check in on your growth and make financial adjustments where needed. And leave your legacy by implementing a thorough estate plan.  

The team at King Financial Network recently donated a Valley Forge American Elm Tree to the Shade Tree Commission of Freehold Borough, NJ in honor of Arbor Day. The tree is now the young centerpiece of Veteran's Park off of Edgewood Drive. Our team will continue to tend to this tree year after year to not only take pride in it's growth and beauty, but to serve as a reminder that planting and caring for the growth of a tree is a great lesson in caring for the growth of your financial plan. 

See our tree HERE.


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