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Meet Chris Dodds - Wealth Management Associate at King Financial Network

| May 17, 2019
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He’s a Certified Fund Specialist and a Certified Annuity Specialist en route to becoming a CFP® by the fall of 2019. As the newest member of the King Financial Network, Chris Dodds is also a new husband and homeowner with a penchant for financial analysis, home brewing, and classic foreign cars. Oh and did we mention he’s from England? Who is this guy? Well marketing got into it with him over a mug of his own home-grown lager and the results were tasty.

NEAL: So are you like a “bangers and mash” English guy or like a “burger and fries” guy?

CHRIS: I love burgers and fries.

NEAL: You said that without an English accent.

CHRIS:That’s because I’ve been in the USA since I was 12. Don’t really have an accent anymore.

NEAL: I hear a little Trenton in you.

CHRIS: Never been.

NEAL: You collaborate with the investment team at KFN to gather and analyze financial data. Is analysis your thing?

CHRIS: I’ve learned from Jim King to make analysis a priority. Learn to read the market like no one else so we can be better prepared when making decisions for our clients. I’m just scratching the surface but I’m inspired by the rest of our team to be as good as they are.

NEAL: What’s the secret?

CHRIS: Shut out the noise and focus on the facts.

NEAL: Well you are certainly a hard worker. In seven months you’ve achieved the designations of CFS® and CAS® and are testing for your CFP® before the end of the year.  Is that the plan? To be the best analyst that ever lived?

CHRIS: Definitely. After my CFP® then I’m going for my Chartered Market Technician (CMT) designation which focuses on reading and analyzing stock charts and data and that should catapult me to fame. Haha

NEAL: That’s what it’s all about.  What’s it like to be the freshman on the team?

CHRIS: I’m definitely paying my dues.

NEAL:  Want to talk about it?


NEAL: Understood.  Ok enough about work. You made this beer we are drinking. Is it an ale?

CHRIS:  Don’t insult me. It’s a lager.

NEAL: Insults aside, I don’t know if us drinking this during work hours is wise.

CHRIS: Well one won’t hurt. Really you should crush this beer while mowing the lawn.

NEAL: I get it.  Do you have a special “set up” for home brewing?

CHRIS: I turned the guest room at our house into a brewery.

NEAL: I bet that’s fun for your guests. What’s the wife say about it?

CHRIS: You’re married. I’m sure you can guess.

NEAL: Men do men things.  You’re also into classic cars. Do you have a room for that?

CHRIS: I wish.

NEAL:  Classic.

See Chris’s VIDEO PROFILE and learn more about the entire King Financial Network team on King Financial Network is an integrated, team-based network that takes a comprehensive, customized, and independent approach to guide you through Financial, Retirement, Tax, Insurance, and Estate Planning.

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